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We <3 Photos

As a guest you may have questions if it’s normal to bring your stylist or esthetician ¬†photos of a desired look. Well question no more! Photos are the best way to connect your creative vision with our technical skills, sparking the best consultation to meet your needs, such as the best products for your hair type, styling time and diversity, texture options, and color accents to match your cut. Photos also help get a clear understanding of what your desired look is. Our idea of an intense red hair color might be copper to you. It also helps give a good representation of what 2 inches vs 5 inches really is.

So show us your hair inspiration board on Pinterest, bring in your old photos, or that magazine tear-out that you’ve been keeping in your purse. We would love to see them! The more pictures you bring in the better! It gives us a good grasp on the texture, color, and feel that you want.


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