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Reward Yourself With a Spa Service!

The average person spends about ten dollars per day on lunch.  If they are buying coffee, that jumps to about thirteen dollars.  If you are one of those people, packing your lunch and making your coffee at home can save you about seven dollars per day!  If you do that three times per week you will save twenty one dollars per week and eighty four dollars per month.  The other thing about packing your own lunch is that on average, you save almost half the calories.  Eating lunch out averages about 800 calories.  If you pack your own it will average about 500 calories.  Again, if you pack your lunch just three times per week, you will save 900 calories per week and 3200 calories per month! 

One pound of fat is 3500 calories.  That means you can lose just about one pound of fat per month and save about 84 dollars per month if you pack your lunch just three times per week!

Then you can reward yourself with a spa service every month.  Your savings will more than pay for it and the experience of your massage or facial will make you look forward to doing it every month!

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