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Why We Chose to Offer VoMor Hair Extensions in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Approximately 30 million women (25% of all women) in North America experience thinning or fine hair, resulting from diet, heredity, medication, health issues, or simply the aging process and hair extensions may be the solution. VoMor hair extensions can be one box or up to four boxes. We can create mermaid hair, add color, fill in those sides that just won’t grow in, or assist in growing out of your hair. Hair extensions are extensions so we do need some hair to begin with to create the length and volume so it is important to talk with our specialist to make sure it is right for you! My goal in offering this service is to let  people know it is not just about  glam mermaid hair. It is such a versatile service for so many guests.

As a hair salon owner I am constantly evaluating what services are right for our business and what is it right for our market. I never imagined I would offer extensions in my salon. I guess I just did not understand how powerful they are, which is crazy because I know how powerful hair is for a woman’s confidence so why would I think differently about extensions? Well I guess I just was not educated on the details of them and always thought it would be a service that would take hours and hours to accomplish and wasn’t interested. When I talked with the VoMor sales rep I was so excited and inspired with what he was sharing with me. It really hit home that this was a service I wanted to offer.  I always felt that the big volume and long glam mermaid hair was what extensions were for.  I see so many smiles when a guest sees their mermaid hair that extensions gave them. And while we do offer that “Kim Kardashian”/ mermaid hair extensions service it was the tears from the guests who have struggled with their hair and finally feel like they have beautiful hair that made me say we are without a doubt offering this service!

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Donna Maestas-Rodrigue

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