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Hair Color HeadMapping

EXPECT the best hair color experience in Albuquerque.

Headmapping™, created by Walter Claudio, is a new and innovative way to standardize hair coloring. It divides the head into specific sections allowing the stylist to determine which of those sections will be colored and the exact amount of product needed. Your desired color will be achieved while reducing waste and leaving a smaller imprint on the environment.

The Consultation

A consultation before any color service is important, especially for a first time color. Headmapping™ allows us to provide a thorough consultation so we can create a plan of action and ensure correct protocol is followed. During your consultation images and pictures may be used to better understand the desired and final look.

Corrective Color

Due to the nature of Corrective Color a consultation appointment is required before any color service can be performed. Depending on the desired look and your hair type several steps and visits may be necessary. Corrective Color is priced upon consultation and utilizes the Headmapping™ Color Menu for pricing.

Color Service Menu

“Hey… My hair needs a miracle!”

  • Botanical therapy hair & scalp therapy $59
  • Express botanical therapy treatment $21

“Yikes…got to cover these roots!”

  • New growth $59
  • Partial new growth $44
    Covers hairline, part-line and upper-crown
  • In-between foils new growth $54
    Re-growth in between foils

“Wow…my overall color looks dull!”
Color Balance / Glossing
Covers roots thru ends with tone or shine

  • Short $74
  • Medium $84
  • Long $99
  • Extra long $114

In-between Foils Color Balance
Covers roots thru ends with tone or shine in between foils

  • Short $59
  • Medium $69
  • Long $84
  • Extra long $99

“My hair looks brassy to me.”
Color Tone
Adds color pigment with warm or cool tones

  • Short $24
  • Medium $29
  • Long $34
  • Extra Long $39

Color Cleanse / New-Growth

  • Lifts and alters base color at re-growth $29

“Please fix it.”
Color Cleanse
Lifts and altars color from roots to ends

  • Short $39
  • Medium $49
  • Long $59
  • Extra long $69

“Can I get low, mid and highlights?”
Color Lights

  • 1/3 panel (fringe, for a touch of color) $44
  • 1/2 panel (full bang area) $49
  • Full panel (top head) $54
  • 1/3 panel division A (front area, very popular) $64
  • 1/2 panel division AB (top and sides, most popular) $74
  • Full panel division A (top and sides, most popular) $74
  • Full panel division AB (top, sides and upper back) $89
  • Full panel division AC (top, sides and nape) $89
  • Full panel division ABC (full head) $104
  • Full panel division ABC plus (full head, roots to ends) $129


Aveda Damage Remedy Renewal™ Botanical Express Treatment

This professional treatment deeply penetrates to intensely strengthen and repair weak, damaged hair. Quinoa and a sugar beet-derived amino acid leaves hair strong and full of natural bounce.

  • Add on to any service- $20
  • Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy- For Added moisture for severely damaged hair. Includes the Botanical Express Treatment- $59