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What would you say your specialty is: I specialize in hair color and cuts that accentuate and enhance each guests individual needs that are easy to maintain at home so you feel beautiful everyday. I feel each service should be personalized to fit the guests lifestyle and daily needs.

How long have you been with the company and doing your trade: I have been doing hair for over 20 years and joined Casa Verde in 2017.

What inspires or drives you: I am inspired by life and its beauty, anything from the color of the mountains to the flame of a fire. I love the new looks of the season in the fashion world and the ever changing world of hair. I am inspired by new techniques and fashion for cuts and color and making the trends wearable for my guests.

What do you like to do in your free time:  Anything outdoors, fishing, boating, camping, hiking, swimming. We also figure skate, and enjoy going to the movies.

What is your favorite thing about working for Casa Verde: The energy of the team, being a part of a team and the continual education in hair and personal growth.


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