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Benefits of Turmeric

I have been doing massage therapy for nearly 20 years.  In that time, I have dealt with thousands of people, many of whom deal with chronic pain. I, myself, deal with the re-occurrence of pain from old sports injuries, a previous car accident, and normal repetitive movement issues.

In my own search for relief, and in the search for my clients, one of the things that I am most excited about is Turmeric! Turmeric, or Curcumin (the main ingredient in Turmeric) is a powerful antioxidant that has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicines for centuries to reduce inflammation in and outside of the body. Turmeric can be introduced into your diet as a spice.  It is also available as a root.  A member of the ginger family, it can be chopped and used in cooking or to make tea.  It can also be taken as a vitamin.  There are several options available.

I personally take a curcumin vitamin daily and make a tea with the root three to four times per week.

I chop up about an inch sized root and add it to about a cup of boiling water.  I also add a pinch of black pepper, (that has been shown to help with the uptake of the curcumin).  I let it boil for five minutes, then I strain it into a cup.  I add honey and coconut to taste, and that’s it.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!


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